Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Review of Attack of the Killer Shrews (2016), by Alec Frazier and Autistic Reality

Sitting down to watch Attack of the Killer Shrews! Don't mind the bunny...holy crap, they've eaten my feet! Aaaggghh!!!
I just finished watching a wonderful and exciting movie! Attack of the Killer Shrews is a remake of the 1950s B horror film of the same name. The original film is extremely cheesy, and, by today’s standards, very poorly made.

The remake was locally made in Western New York, using regional and local talent, settings, supplies, financing, and other resources. I have spoken before about the wonder of the Western New York film scene. Western New York has almost fifty studios, all made locally by local people and local resources. I cannot speak highly enough of the Western New York film scene.

My friend Bill Kennedy is the star of this film, playing a small town sheriff whose motley crew happens upon the titular killer shrews, which are result of what else but a scientist’s evil plan gone awry. Our crew includes at various times the Sheriff, his deputy who, in true small-town fashion is also his cousin, an eccentric genius professor, his agent, the agent’s wife, a movie star, and any number of soldiers and/or small towns people.

As mentioned, the original film from the 1950s is very cheesy, and does not have the best production values. This film, made in Buffalo, New York and the surrounding area, was made with limited financing and resources, and it shows. However! That is not a bad thing! In fact, the exact opposite is true. The fact that the film was made on a shoestring budget with shoestring resources amplifies its fulfillment of its goal.

What is the goal of this film? The goal of this film is to serve as satire and homage to the original film and its genre. In this goal, a small town film made out of Western New York can truly shine and succeed! The film has plenty of cheesy effects, jokes, corny exposition, and breaking of the fourth wall.

The film starts out slow, and although it was initially difficult to figure out, it developed into a fun, exciting effort to rid the small town of what else, but killer shrews! I recommend this film full heartedly for several reasons:
  • this film is an awesome example of how a great film can be made on a budget
  • this film is a true throwback to cheapen cheesy horror films of the 1950s
  • a local community did a wonderful job putting on this film
  • this is proof that anybody can make a good film if they put their minds and hearts to it
With those reasons in mind, I give this film a 9 out of 10 rating, or a five out of five rating! Please enjoy Attack of the Killer Shrews!
This blog posting is the personal opinion of Alec Frazier and the professional policy of his advocacy firm, Autistic Reality. If you oppose it, please screen grab it! We are very proud of this opinion!

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