Monday, July 25, 2016

I’m Glad I Don’t Play: Pokémon Go and OCD, by Alec Frazier and Autistic Reality

Sameer Zubin with his long-suffering cat Leo, a.k.a. Little Baby, a.k.a. Fatty-Fatty
Hello! Today I did an interview on why I don’t play Pokémon Go with my friend Sameer Zubin.

Sameer: Hello!

Me: Hello! Proud avoider of Pokey goings on, here!

Sameer: So first things first: how come you do not play Pokemon GO?

Me: A few reasons. First off, I've never really been into Pokemon. I saw one or two of the movies and an episode or two, but to me, they were not very good and pretty forgettable. I'm almost never into fads. I'd consider Pokemon a fad. I do very much like the South Park episode that parodies Pokemon. Much more importantly, I have OCD. I try to avoid doing things that may become OCD issues. Pokemon Go is a classic example of this. In addition, I also have banned myself from ever going to Las Vegas for similar reasons. Finally, I am very busy. Even when I don't have a job, I have reports to do, agendas to organize, opinions to write, cases to study, and more. Add to that friends that I like to meet, parties to attend, and more.

Sameer: Wow I never realized Pokemon could be an OCD trigger. Thank you for sharing that info. So do you avoid the game entirely? I mean if you're out with friends who are playing would you ask them to stop or excuse yourself?

Me: No, I wouldn't ask them to stop. But if I play it myself, it could overwhelm me, and become both an obsession and a compulsion.  I used to have similar problems when I was younger. For example, I once avoided my own birthday party to play on the computer. God, that really hurt me.

Sameer: I was close to being like that. So do you play video games these days?

Me: I wasn't playing video games back then. The only video game I play these days is Starcraft 2. Nothing to do with OCD. I just like the format, and other games tend to be too difficult.

Sameer: Gotcha. So how do you view video games? Positive/Negative/Neutral factors in a person's life? Not just for yourself, but on the general scale.

Me: Wow. It really depends on how much people play. Video games are fun, entertaining, and interesting. They can also sometimes help develop skills and knowledge. HOWEVER!!! Over investing one's self in video games can ruin your life. It can destroy friendships and relationships, ruin your sense of self-esteem, and ruin your career and/or school. Always play in moderation. For example, I never play more than two or three levels at a time.

Sameer: Totally agree. That's why I avoided KOTOR and WoW.

Me: I also never do multiplayer. It's tough enough on my own. I actually have two motor disabilities that make it kind of difficult on me.

Sameer: Do you feel like you're missing out on special experiences video games can cause?

Me: Nah. My life is plenty of fun regardless.

Sameer: Awesome! Well I think I got what I needed from the other side of the spectrum.

Me: Thank you!

Me, Staring Down the Death Mask of Napoleon Bonaparte
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