Friday, January 15, 2016

My Mentors, By Alec Frazier and Autistic Reality

Hello! Today I would like to talk to you about mentors! Throughout my many business endeavors, I have gained a few mentors. The title of mentor is not something that I give away lightly. Out of my hundreds of professional contacts, I would say that I only have three mentors. They are Mat McCollough, Joyce Bender, and Emil Novak, Sr.
Alec Frazier with Mat McCollough at the US ACCESS Board
Mat McCollough was assigned to me as a mentor in 2011 by the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), the nation's largest cross disability rights network. I was serving as an intern through them at the time. Mat is the Executive Director of the Developmental Disabilities Council for the District of Columbia. He is also a presidentially appointed member of the US ACCESS Board, the United States government agency which deals with physical access matters mandated by federal legislation. He met with me frequently during my internship, invited me to functions, spent some down time with me, and has met with me since then. When I was in Washington for the 25th anniversary of the ADA, I met with him to discuss an eventual move to the Washington, DC area. He was very forthcoming about tips for gaining employment, for which I am most thankful. I have a very good feeling that when I move to the area, he will not just be a professional contact, but a very dear friend.
Joyce Bender and Alec Frazier at the 25th Anniversary Celebration for the ADA
I met Joyce Bender on the very first day of my internship for the AAPD. She was just about to assume the role of board chair of that organization. I will admit that I did not know much about who she was until part way through the internship. I soon learned that she has done more for disability employment than almost anyone alive today. She runs a temp agency, Bender Consulting, out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has helped develop policies that are now implemented on the federal level, and she frequently meets with delegations from overseas who are hoping to improve their disability employment measures. Joyce has always been willing to provide job recommendations, references, networking, and other opportunities. I feel honored to have someone of her stature in my corner!
Alec Frazier with Emil Novak, Senior at the First Meeting of Visions Comic Art Group
Emil Novak, Sr. is a successful independent businessman in Buffalo, New York. He approaches life with common sense, and always jumps at opportunity. He has been working at the biggest comic book store in town, Queen City Bookstore, since his father founded the business over forty years ago. He is now the owner of the business, which is the oldest bookstore in Erie County, New York. He also runs an independent film studio, two local comic book conventions, and manages Visions Comic Art Group, a local group that makes comic books and coordinates artists and writers. Emil has graciously allowed me to do publicity for him, honing my skills in photography, events management, and social networking. When I came out with a paper that I wanted published, I was told that there was no chance of that happening. Emil came forward and allowed me to get it published. He has also coordinated artwork for this publication, and allowed me to promote it at his conventions.

All three of these wonderful people have contributed greatly to my success in my professional life. I thank them tremendously for all of the help and patience they have given me in helping to contribute to my professional growth. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mat McCollough, Joyce Bender, and Emil Novak, Sr.!

This blog posting is both the personal opinion of Alec Frazier, and the professional policy of his advocacy firm, Autistic Reality. If you oppose it, please screen grab it! We are very proud of this opinion!

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