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Haunted Halloween: The Scariest Experience of My Life!, By Alec Frazier

There is a hell. Hell takes place in the depths of night. However, hell is surprisingly bright. There are quite a few people in hell, although they are spaced few and far between. Hell is very unsafe. In hell, they play Christmas carols by Julie Andrews on a continuous loop.

Thomas Jefferson’s Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth
I was invited to the annual holiday open house at the White House in Washington, DC on the day before Christmas Eve in 2011. I took the bus down to Washington, DC from Ithaca, New York. The trip there was long but absolutely fine. In Washington, I went to a number of sites including the American History Museum where I saw the Humanist Bible written by Thomas Jefferson. I then went to the White House and took tons of photos!

The Official 2011 White House Christmas Tree
I hit a major snag during my trip home. I was supposed to transfer buses at the Port Authority bus terminal in New York City. People kept on giving me different directions to different locations where to catch my bus. I had plenty of time, and I finally got on line. I was then told that I was on the wrong line after about fifteen minutes of waiting there. I then tried rushing all over the terminal, which is gigantic, to various different places where people told me to go to catch my bus. One gentleman guided me around the Port Authority. He was not staff, however, and I immediately grew suspicious when he offered to carry my bags. I did not let him, and he walked away. At midnight, I was told that I had missed my bus. I went to the Greyhound office, and collapsed in a heap. I was still wearing my $2000 suit from my trip to the White House. I had a suitcase, and my computer bag. I was told that the next bus to Ithaca, New York left at 5:30 in the morning. It was approximately 12:30 AM. I had no choice, but to wait at the Port Authority bus terminal during the darkest parts of the night.

I finally found out where my bus was leaving from, and sat down at a nearby lounge. At about 1 AM, a gentleman was hauled away for defecating in his seat. I then realized that there were no electric outlets, and I needed to keep my cell phone charged, so I found the nearest outlet which was at a pillar near the gate where my bus was picking me up. By this point, the crowds in the bus terminal had thinned considerably, and only the people who worked the graveyard shift or lived there were around. I would say that there were at least 100 people there at any given time, but given how big the terminal is, they were spaced pretty far apart. There was definitely a feeling of great loneliness.

At the pillar, I got out a blanket that I had predicted I would need at some point in my travels. I placed my suitcase and my computer bag on the floor, and got out my phone charger so that I could charge my phone. Things are often stolen in the Port Authority bus terminal. Therefore, I laid down on my suitcase and my computer bag, with my cell phone tightly gripped in my hand, which was also holding onto my cell phone cord with a death grip. A big reason why things are stolen anywhere at any time is because people see something that they want to have. I realized that I could make sure that people couldn’t see what I had. I completely covered myself except for my head in my blanket. It should now be painfully obvious that I got absolutely no sleep that night. None whatsoever. It was the night before Christmas Eve day, and the entire time I was there, the speakers belted out very loud Christmas carols sung primarily by Julie Andrews. Julie Andrews has a very distinctive voice with very clear enunciation. However, these very qualities turned it into absolute torture. I listened to the album repeat itself at least six times. It was absolutely horrible.

At about 4:30 in the morning, I met another person taking my bus and started conversing with him. He watched my stuff while I went to a 24 hour concession stand and bought a caffeinated drink. I sorely needed it! At 5:00 AM, my bus started boarding. Over a hundred people lined up for my bus. The bus soon filled. I was so very scared that I was going to miss it again. Fortunately, they started boarding another one. I got on, and immediately fell asleep across two seats. Once the bus was finally on its way, I woke up and discovered that I was very fortunate. I was the only person with two seats to himself; all of the other seats were completely full. Somehow, I don’t quite know how, I stayed awake throughout the bus’s entrance to Ithaca, New York. I then got off the bus and shared a cab home with someone else who was going nearby. I fell asleep on my bed and slept for most of Christmas Eve day. However, I did not sleep well. I kept on waking up in terror and spreading my arms and legs out as if I still had my suitcases under me. My subconscious was still completely afraid that someone was going to steal my stuff. That night, I went over to my mother’s house and had a wonderful Christmas dinner before going to Sage Chapel at Cornell University for the Unitarian Christmas service.

Me at the Pulpit of Sage Chapel During the 2013 Christmas Service
I am very glad that I had this experience. It contributes to my knowledge of this world around me. It is very good to know what you should be prepared for in extreme situations! Nonetheless, midnight to 5:30 AM on December 24, 2011 at the New York City Port Authority bus terminal was the scariest experience in my life!

This blog posting is the personal opinion of Alec Frazier, not the professional policy of his advocacy firm, Autistic Reality. If you oppose it, please screen grab it! I am very proud of this opinion!

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