Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Alec Frazier’s 2013 Letter to Santa Claus, by Alec Frazier

Dear Santa Claus,

Santa Claus
Salutations, and Merry Christmas! We have had an awesome year!

My health is much better this year after my stroke last year. This year I graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a degree in Political Science! I then traveled to Frankfurt, Cologne, Stade, and Hamburg. While in Stade, I adopted my new aunt and uncle, Betti Gefecht and Leiber Freimann! This summer, I made close friends with the Sanctum Squad in Buffalo. I consider one of them, Sebastiano Spurio, to be my newest cousin! I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Disability Studies, and working at Western New York Independent Living (WNYIL). I am now part of a creative consortium in Buffalo, the Visions Comic Art Group, and we have produced a new comic book using local, independent talent. I am also still involved with the Buffalo Comicon.

Nick is a totally cool brother! He is finding his niche as a filmmaker in Los Angeles, and I cannot begin to tell you how proud he has made me. I love him dearly, no matter how much we may sometimes seem at odds.

Mom has had a busy year! She and I went to New York City, after which she promptly left the country again to take care of her ailing mother. My Nana may not be around for too many years after this, but she has lived a very full life. I am eternally grateful to Mom for making me who I am today!

Dad is a really nice friend as well as a family member! Unfortunately, he just had a major bicycle accident that reminds us all of how dangerous life can be. I have many wishes for his speedy recovery.

Well, this concludes this year’s letter! I’ll be leaving milk and cookies, as usual, and we’ll be having Christmas Eve Turducken. I know that NORAD is already tracking you, so give them something to smile about!

Alec Frazier in 2013

Alec Frazier

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