Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fourteen Fun Facts (About Me), by Alec Frazier

This is a kind of game among FB friends, where you're supposed to tell a certain number of facts about yourself (preferably things that are not generally known about you already). I was given 5 by Betti Gefecht, and given 9 more by Matt Lutz.

From Betti:
1. I have gotten two laws passed. One is a Colorado State Constitutional Amendment which frees up tax money for educational expenditures. The next one is a federal law setting up the United States Community Living Administration.

2. I have received a standing ovation from John F. Kennedys only living sibling, the Honorable Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith, founder of VSA.

3. I had a stroke in 2012, for which I had brain surgery to close a lesion in December 2012. Technically, I still have two open lesions on my brain.

4. Although I identify as gay, I also identify as homoflexible, in that I prefer males for relationships, but would become sexual with a female if she struck my fancy. I believe in the right of any two or more consenting adult humans to have a relationship, and have that relationship recognized by the state. Whether there is religious recognition or not is up to the faith in question.

5. I have traced my ancestry back as far as the real-life historical figure that the Norse god Odin is based off of. Other famous relatives include Charlemagne, all monarchs of England, and all Scandinavian royalty.

From Matt:
1. I enjoy a wide variety of foods, including sushi, Chinese food, Latin American fare, Ethiopian, Italian, Central European, and British. I have had squid, snails, frogs legs, emu burgers, haggis, and raw fish eggs. I have a general rule that I will try anything at least once.

2. I have two writing disabilities, and do all works of more than a few sentences with voice-activated software called Dragon Naturally Speaking. I am using it to do this assignment right now.

3. I am involved in the disability advocacy movement, and have extensive experience in the field. Nonetheless, I do not like being involved in most activism, which is working from outside of the system. It is not a bad thing, but it is not me.

4. I have lived in many places over my lifetime. I was born in Boston, and lived in Newton, Massachusetts until I was seven, after which I moved to Boulder, Colorado. I never really enjoyed living there, and my family moved to Ithaca, New York, on the day I turned 18. When I started attending the University at Buffalo, I moved to Buffalo.

5. I have had very few friends during my life, and the very first friend I have made without assistance by elders who is a peer in my age group and whom I have a typical relationship with is Sebastiano Spurio. Although the friendship was only born this summer, I view him as a brother.

6. Almost two years ago on Facebook I befriended the author of one of my favorite fan fictions. She has since become my beloved aunt, Betti Gefecht.

7. I have traveled to many countries, including England, the Republic of Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, the Vatican, Italy, Canada, France, and the airport in the Netherlands. I have also been to the United Nations Headquarters international zone.

8. Within the United States, I have lived in Massachusetts, Colorado, and New York State. I have traveled extensively to the District of Columbia and lived there for four months one summer. I have traveled to Florida, California, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Washington state, Indiana, Montana, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Illinois, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Nebraska, and Wyoming. I have been to airports in Texas, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina. I have also stepped into Arkansas once just for the hell of it. The one place in the United States that I refuse to go for any length of time is Texas, due to their values, or lack thereof.

9. Well, you have read this far, so I will tell you this: I consider myself a nudist, to an extent. I have hung out naked at a friends house and at beaches in Europe, and dont think nudity is as big of a deal as many make it out to be.

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