Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NSFW - Double Standards of Nudity: A Case Study, by Alec Frazier

Following, you will see me, Alec Frazier, without a top on:
Following, you will see actress Kristen Stewart topless, from her film On the Road:
We have the same chest size, yet it is considered appropriate for me to be topless, but “deviant” for her to be topless. Why? Anyone with a little sociology education will tell you that the codes of gender are constructed, not inherent. They are therefore sexist by definition, because different standards are applied to different genders. To prove my point that this is a matter of perception, see the following photo:
This is Andrej Pejic in an advertisement for HEMA push-up bra. Pejic is a male model who models clothing for both genders. In this photo he wears some make-up, but the rest is all him.

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