Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Point of View On…

  • Smoking: No. No, no, no, no. It kills, and those who smoke are voluntarily committing suicide.
  • Meat Eating: I love it, but partake in moderation. That said I fully support others’ dietary choices except if they are harmful, such as fasting.
  • Abortion: I’m personally pro-life, and believe that abortions are for extreme cases like rape, incest, and pedophilia. That said, I support a woman’s right to choose. In other words, I’m pro-life and pro-choice.
  • Walmart: There is no excuse for shopping at Walmart. If you shop at Walmart, you are complicit in mass human rights violation and slavery. If you go there because of low prices, ask yourself, “At what cost?”
  • Transportation: There are way too many cars on the road today. Public transportation needs to be utilized more often and by more people. Local and regional buses need to be replaced by electric light rail, and longer routes need to be replaced by bio-diesel trains.
  • Gun Control: Guns should not be owned by private citizens. There are plenty of more efficient, less deadly ways to protect oneself. There are alternative means for hunting, too.
  • Healthcare: Everyone has the right to free healthcare. The state has the obligation to provide for its citizens. Private alternatives may be used by those who can pay for them.
  • The UN: National compliance with UN resolutions and judgements should be mandatory.
  • Wages: The minimum wage should be the living wage.
  • Marriage: Every union of any two or more consenting adult humans of sound mind has the right to be recognized by the state. If they want a religious marriage, it is up to the faith in question whether that shall be allowed.
  • Marijuana: It should be legalized, and regulated. Enforcement of the Stream of Commerce Theory can be used to make sure there is no more “bad weed”.
  • Housing: Everyone has the right to shelter. Like healthcare, the government has the obligation to provide this service if someone can’t afford their own.
  • The Death Penalty: Capital punishment is state sponsored murder. If someone is killed, killing the killer is downright hypocritical. It also fails to act as deterrent against future crimes.
  • Basic Goods: Everyone has the right to food, water, and hygiene products. Like healthcare and housing, the government has the obligation to provide these goods if someone can’t afford their own. Those who can may buy them with wages earned.
  • Money: A good deal of the items in this list assume the existence of money. However, I believe it should eventually be abolished. People should be able to work for society’s betterment without monetary incentive such as wages. That all people have access to all healthcare, housing, and goods would be a given in my ideal Utopian society.

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J.R. LeMar said...

Let's see, the ones I (@ least partially) disagree with:

SMOKING: I hate it, too. But I support the right for those to do it, although I'm frankly amazed @ those who continue to start since, @ this point, anyone under the age of 40 has grown up knowing how harmful it is.

ABORTION: Y'know how some folks say "I'm pro-CHOICE, no one is pro-abortion"? I don't agree.. I am 100% pro-abortion. I have no problem with it @ all. If a woman is pregnant and doesn't to be a mother, I'd recommend she gets an abortion. We've got enough unwanted kids in this world, we don't need more.

Naturally, I also support easily available forms of birth control, and I am always amazed @ the number of women I know who "accidentally" get pregnant. Much like with the danger of smoking. We all know how babies are made, and what to do to avoid making them.

WALMART: Luckily, there aren't many on the West Coast, & there are plenty of alternatives like Target, so I've never had to shop there. I wouldn't want to, after the story I read about years ago where they sued one of their employees who was paralyzed in a truck accident, to try to get part of her settlement. But I can understand how folks in some rural areas really have much alternatives.

GUN CONTROL: Generally, I agree, but that genie is long out of the bottle, so there is no way to disarm the citizenry now. The best hope is that we'd get much stronger restrictions for gun licenses and concealed carry permits. What I had to go through to get a driving license and then think of how easy it would be to get a gun, I'm astounded. There should be full background and psych tests required, shooting tests, and written tests about things like cleaning, and renewals @ least every two years.

DEATH PENALTY: I generally agree except in the most extreme cases, such as mass murders, that are beyond a shadow of a doubt, such as Osama Bin Laden.

I'm not quite sure how the HOUSING & BASIC GOODS thing would work, but I agree in principle.

MONEY: Don't agree @ all. That's definitely a Utopian ideal that wouldn't work in practice. I think most people need an incentive to work, and "for the benefit of society" will not be enough to keep people doing all the jobs that require society to function. That's one of the reasons why I'm not necessarily a fan of Unions, and would never join one. From my experience working I know that there are some people who simply will not work as hard as others, and content to just get buy or do the bare minimum, while some will strive to do better if they believe the reward is worth it. I quit my last job because I was one of the hardest working people there, yet it didn't seem to pay off, and I wasn't treated better than fellow coworkers who slacked off. This lead to me starting to slack off too, which I don't like.

So now I work somewhere where I know that if I come in early or work through lunch, off the clock, to get caught up on something, I know it will eventually pay off when it comes to things like raises and bonuses. People need that.

Even in an ideal society, someone's going to have to collect the garbage, and clean out the gutters, and pick up after the animals @ the zoo, etc. You're not going to find many people itching to do that if there's no monetary value in it. Even noble professions like doctors. Becoming a good doctor is extremely difficult. Even if their goal is just to heal people, I think a lot of folks won't make it through the studying and training if there's no real reason for them to stick it out, since all their needs are already taken care of.